Who We Are

CORE Community Partners is a non-profit, mission-driven organization, with a focus on assisting communities and partners by providing affordable and flexible capital in the form of cost-effective lending, investing, consulting, and other financial services. CORE’s mission is to support the development and redevelopment of affordable housing and related community economic development throughout the state of Michigan and beyond.

Along with the services we offer, CORE is committed to building partnerships and working with other financial organizations in any way necessary. We believe these relationships will help put a strong emphasis on creating outcomes to provide opportunities that may not currently exist for individuals and families, thereby increasing the quality of life within the communities that we and our partners are able to assist.

CORE leverages the extensive experience and expertise it has to work alongside others to enhance affordable housing and community development activities they may be considering and are ready to assist in making a difference in your community.

Partnership with MHT Housing, Inc.

MHT Housing, Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that has been involved in the development of over 6,000 affordable housing units since 1990. As a non-profit affiliate of MHT Housing, CORE has a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the development process related to all types of affordable housing and community development related opportunities. MHT’s extensive history helps to provide CORE with the necessary support across multiple channels of the development process, including development finance, construction, property management, asset management, and compliance. With MHT’s assistance, CORE is confident in securing strong partnerships that will enhance affordable housing outcomes in communities in which it participates.


T. Van Fox


T. Van Fox is CORE’s President, bringing more than 30 years of experience in the affordable housing industry. Along with being the President of CORE, Mr. Fox serves as the President of Continental Management, MHT Management, MHT Housing, Inc. and as the President on the Board of Directors for MHT and CORE where he dedicates his time to the development and management of multifamily and senior housing.

Andy Martin

Vice President

Andy Martin is CORE’s Vice President, bringing more than 15 years of affordable housing experience to CORE. In addition, Mr. Martin is MHT Housing, Inc.’s Vice President where he is involved with all aspects of development and finance opportunities. Prior to MHT and CORE, Mr. Martin held various positions within Michigan State Housing Development Authority including being the LIHTC Program Manager, Deputy Director and Chief Housing Investment Officer.

Board of Directors

T. Van Fox


MHT Housing, Inc.

Martha J. Richardson

Senior Vice President

Capital Markets

Old National Bancorp

Gregory J. DeMars, Esq.


GJD Consulting LLC

Steve Champa