CORE Community Partners provides financial and technical assistance to organizations that need support in bringing their development concepts to fruition. In many cases these will be developments located in areas that are currently underserved, where CORE can help to benefit projects and partners that may not have otherwise received the needed assistance. At CORE, our team offers many services that can assist projects before, during, and after development completion to ensure success.

CORE provides cost-effective lending for real estate projects involving affordable housing. With assistance in a variety of loans, our team can help you find the right path when it comes to your project.

We Provide Lending In:

  • Predevelopment Loans

  • Property Acquisition Loans

  • Equity Bridge Loans

  • Construction Lending

  • Permanent Financing

CORE works alongside organizations, developers, and communities to assist in affordable housing and community development as a true partner in the process. Partnership opportunities are available as needed to assist organizations in meeting their own missions or as required by other financial partners in a given transaction.  Helping to achieve your goals is part of our mission.

As a mission-driven real estate expert, CORE provides technical assistance through partnership and also through third-party consulting services.  Our focus is more than completing a development, it’s about helping to make the right decisions to provide long-term benefits to the project and the residents who will live there. Our services include: